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Creative Marketing Services (CMS)
  • 35 years of delivering outstanding recruitment advertising and employer branding
  • Award winning advertising across all media including online and international.
  • Complete joined up recruitment strategies including LinkedIn sites, YouTube, QR codes, microsites, applicant tracking systems, Facebook and more.
  • Let us build your employer brand and communicate it across training materials, staff newsletters, staff handbooks and application packs.
  • Let us add a QR code to your advertising or brochures linked to a video on what it's like to work for your organisation.
  • A safe successful pair of hands from an accomplished UK top 20 agency.
  • Offices in London and Leeds. Clients nationwide and beyond.
  • FREE no obligation meet. We will make your job easier and your advertising more effective. Allow us to prove it.


We've won awards not just for creativity but for client service. How many can say that?

Our client list is truly national, even international. We're the most proficient agency in the charity sector, strong in the public sector, growing well in the consultancy sector and with a wide list of private sector clients of all sizes.

What makes us different? We're one of the UK top 20 recruitment agencies but not a huge bloated and complacent one. We're not a huge plc and we don't want to be. We're owned by working shareholders and not by remote boards.

We build employer brands and provide  standard of service, creativity and professionalism that our clients like. That's why so many are of such long standing. You don't have to suffer mediocrity. Your size shouldn't mean you get a junior account team. Phone CMS and see the difference.

Contact Andy or Adele on 0113 287 7973 or email now. Go on, click the email address now and tell us to get in touch.

* SERVICE Award winning client service levels

* RIGHT SIZE FIT A UK's top 20 recruitment advertising agency.

* EMPLOYER BRANDING Strategic marketing input to grow your employer branding across all recruitment material.

* KNOWLEDGE Extensive online capabilities including microsites, viral marketing and strategic online placement.

* EXPERIENCE 35 years of success. National and international client base across public, private and third sectors.

* REPUTATION Recommended agency of the Charities Buying Group and one of few recruitment ad agencies to have achieved IPA member status

* VALUE Full media recognition by NPA NS PPA and broadcast. All the agencies without this have to book media through a company which has it. So come direct and save!

* SPEED Five hour turnaround on standard ads. Media advice within the hour. Flat rate production charges. Fast copywriting service available.

Now firmly established as one of the UK's leading recruitment advertising agency groups, CMS operate nationwide with a diverse range of clients from the private, public and voluntary sectors. We can show you scores of examples of innovative and highly effective recruitment campaigns delivering quality response on perceived 'difficult to recruit' roles. As a team we don't consider print advertising to be the only solution but by thinking 'outside the box' we deliver solutions to the most difficult HR problems. Add to this scenario a dedicated account handling team, a five-hour turnaround on standard ads, specially written advertising guides for client HR teams, free seminars, and a proactive culture, and you'll begin to see why our client list grows in quantity and quality year after year. If you seek recruitment advertising which reflects positively on your brand, which responds with speed and accuracy, which really supports your HR teams, then select the agency that's making a big difference.

Phone Andrew Batty now on 0113 287 7973 or email: You've nothing to lose except your existing complacent agency!

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